The creators of the new R-Strap by Black Rapid features something very clever – a strap that’s easy on the shoulder, less cumbersome than a conventional strap, and offers quick fire-style of grab and shoot – all from a sliding coupler in an across the shoulder configuration.

The single camera strap fits across the body and I’ve used this for a couple months now. The shoulder pad stays on the shoulder, and when you bring up the camera, the coupler slides along the strap so the pad doesn’t move when you bring up the camera from your hip.

The double-camera version offers a harness and will be fantastic for weddings when I need to wear both cameras and have them up ready to fire at a moment’s notice. If you shoot a lot with 2 cameras, you will often complain that once shooting with one camera, the other camera is still worrisome, as the strap begins to slip and sometimes get in the way. With a conventional strap, the actual strap links to both sides of the camera, and often gets in the way of the grip and screen, so the new Black Rapid strap eliminates all of this. I would recommend this to anyone with a DSLR.