Sebastian in HD
The 5D Mark II will need to be surgically removed from my hands after shooting video of my son. This is one of the first clips I took and is hosted at SmugMug, and available at 1080HD. You take this 170MB clip and after uploading it, comes down smoothly – amazing!

Using the video mode is nothing like using a consumer camcorder. You’ll need to setup and plan your shots to keep things in focus, when and where you want them. Because the focusing is such a challenge, there’s a 2-stage digital zoom so you can spot focus. Focus points are movable, and autofocus is available, but will be less desirable for professional use. The built-in microphone still records the sound of focus stuttering and the chopping focusing as well as the Image Stabilization echoed through the barrel.

The rest of the still camera features are solid – a few new LCD display features that I’ll probably never use. It does seem, however, slower in shutter response than the 40D – but I haven’t truly measured the difference. Overall, it’s a slower camera, shutter speed-wise, but the 21 MP sensor probably has something to do with it 😉