Umbrella shots





Beauty Dish Shots (below)


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My unscientific conclusion leaves the Profoto Acute 600R coming out on top. The light is more controllable, and the twin 600EX-RTs can’t produce the amount of power I needed to overexpose the sun. I purposely tried shooting directly into the sun to test out what it would take to get a proper portrait exposure, and the umbrella setup was harder to get dialed in. I could get a 1/3200 sync at f/2.8, but there still wasn’t enough flash power to cut through the sun.


Congratulations to the fabulous Laura and Damien! An absolutely stunning day and celebration in Sonoma, CA.  We started with a First Look at the Sonoma Broadway Farms, group shots at Sonoma Square, ending with a perfect autumn wedding celebration at the beautiful Lodge at Sonoma.

A sweet couple, golden details, romantic candlelight ceremony, and magical indoor tent event made for a celebration that we could not keep our cameras down!


Venue: The Lodge at Sonoma

Floral Design: Petals by Sophie

Maurice/Bring the Beat Back

Graphic Design: Meghan Colvin + Meghan Berckes


To most casual observers, the pursuit of upgrading your camera becomes more of ‘how will the stranger standing next to me react to my shutter sound’. So in case you were wondering, here is a sample clip of the shutter sound and speed of the new Canon 5DM3.

Leota and Joshua, published authors in San Francisco, CA, chose a fitting location for an engagement shoot at Red Hill Books tucked in the cozy neighborhood of Bernal Heights.